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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Never be replaced ♥


My true love . I love you and I always do .

Baby , i love you . I think you always know and I swear my you are the boy I'm looking for .

All the lovely memories . And I promise you that you will never be replaced .

From now on until forever , I love you and I always do . Because baby boy I love you so , you meant the world and so much more .

Thank to Allah that I have you . The only boy I fallen to . How can I live without you , there's no more love if no more you .

Boy you smile , boy you cry , you will do anything for me . I thanked to Allah for the fate that I met you .

Everytime I pray , just half for you and for me to be ONE . You like rhymes for my song and everything that I need to live little hug and kiss .

I promise you the best that you will never be replaced .

Until one day when we are apart , boy you always in my heart . We will keep our promises together . Love you now until forever .

Just for you baby ♥

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