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Assalamualaikum wbt & Hello Peeps!

I’m owner of the Blog. So, welcome to my blog and hope you guys enjoy what inside the blog ^^

I’m Nur Jasmine Maisara. I’m1995. I’m the eldest & I have three adorable, naughty, childish and sweet siblings ( Intan, Alia & Kimi ) I have my amazing, wonderful, awesome and lovely Mommy & Daddy. Hihi. I love them soooooo much but I seldom say it because I don’t know how to say it.

My life surrounded by many amazing people like my Bestie. We eat together, laugh together, smile together, cry together, tear apart together & living the life together. I was thankful to have them. Having a rough moment sometimes just make me broke down & they will be just there to cheer me up. Hihi. Love you guys.

During the leisure time, I prefer blogging, online business, chatting & learning something new. Knowledge is everywhere & it’s depends on us to find it. I have a friend. He told me before if we want to be successful in life, we must learn and we are the one who look or seek the knowledge. Yaa, that’s right. Thank you very much friend ^^

So, for now just focus on my future & live my life happily.
For my lovely followers, thank you so much for following me & supporting me. You guys are my backbone and wish you guys all the best in your life.

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